Makings of the 10x Total Podcast

This podcast has been a long time in the making and seemed like a natural evolution of a friendship that started off in a fairly rocky way (and not Rocky as in Balboa, I’m talking about the other rocky…).

I met Gabriel Eichler as a fellow panel member at a National Comprehensive Cancer Network program in Philadelphia, PA in early 2015. We were there talking about integrated care within various oncology treatment modalities. Gabriel, per his usual style, had a very strong command of the subject matter and I, per my usual style, was bringing up the rear with some “tech take” in my then-capacity as SVP of Innovation at Tridiuum.

After the panel, I pursued a meeting with him to introduce Tridiuum while he was still at Patients Like Me. As I recall, that meeting went very poorly with Gabriel telling me to come back when I had something meaningful. Well, that just fueled me. I stayed in touch, peppering him with updates, progress, and successes. During that time, Gabriel began to engage and did a couple of data science projects for me. Just a little under two years later, I got to make a call to let him know I had been named CEO of Tridiuum. On that call I said something to the effect of “I need you dude,” and within a week he was there with me and Ed (our CFO) trying to sort out the details of the go-forward strategy for Tridiuum.

Gabriel became a regular confidante, strategist, and thinker for our burgeoning executive team, working out product concepts, “pressure testing” ideas, co-inventing breakthroughs with data, and contributing valuable insights from our growing data and information trove. Over dinners, lunches, snacks (there’s a theme of food that is not lost on me) our relationship and camaraderie grew. Then, one evening over dinner in Boston’s Back Bay, I might have said something like, “dude, we should do a podcast,” and he said something like “that’s not too terrible of an idea.”

From there, we discussed what topics we might cover and determined that we really enjoy talking about challenging problems affecting healthcare, brainstorming oftentimes non-linear ways to solve them, and learning (from experiences and people we meet – investors, inventors, entrepreneurs, and each other). It’s those things we aim to share with listeners.

While this podcast really has been incredibly challenging to get going, it has also been a ton of fun. To host a podcast with one of your best friends and talk to interesting people about amazing, innovative things is a blessing that I hope everyone gets the chance to experience. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it, too.