Discovering Momentum: Cause and Effect

I’ve had this recent phenomenon, and when I say recently, I mean the last six weeks. It’s been the amount of “incoming” opportunities that are flowing into my personal solar system on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It can’t be the podcast, because that literally launched two weeks ago. It can’t be work, that drumbeat is always thumping. It occurred to me this past weekend as I started ruminating on my next blog post that life (which is mostly work) is starting to build downhill momentum.

I’ve always liked that analogy in football, when commentators refer to that running back as a downhill runner – they just plow through the line and their momentum is seemingly unstoppable. Momentum begets momentum, and all that jazz. Too often, opportunities get stalled out, progress hits a snag, or something even more serious happens, and momentum halts. I half-jokingly have said to colleagues and friends that I’m just starting to get better at this CEO thing, and a lot of that is a result of my burgeoning relationship to momentum.

I work with an Executive Performance Coach – I like to call him Coach Kevin. We spend a lot of time helping me to climb out of my head, get out of the cerebral gymnastics that I have historically and routinely put myself through. Like many of you, I tend to analyze, sometimes overanalyze, both challenges as well as opportunities. While analysis has its place, success is typically derived from experience and leveraging that experience. Faster success seems to come from more rapidly leveraging those past experiences, taking those learnings, and converting them into action.

One of my favorite quotes is from the “How Google Works” book by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. In it, they refer to their executive coach, the famous Bill Campbell, when he first got to Intuit as CEO telling one of his executives, after witnessing some analysis paralysis, that he “needed to do something – anything,” or that he was going to take the responsibility of that decision away from him. It was something about the harsh imperative of this quote that really struck me – stop paralyzing myself and everyone else around me with indecision. I was stalling out momentum, and, in turn, my own success.

This blog was intended as a medium-sized sharing with you, our podcast audience, on the perils of standing pat, of not moving ahead on whatever it is that’s gnawing on you – that idea, inspiration, or even decision. This podcast was the result of me finally saying, “I need to do something – anything” and move this itch I had forward. In retrospect, this momentum and all of these recent incoming “blessings” may have in fact come from this podcast, except it wasn’t the launch of the podcast, it was the decision to, in fact, just do it.

I hope that this speaks to you, our reader and listener, in some small way. You need to do something. Anything.

Have a really great day.

– Mark