Discovering Momentum: Cause and Effect

I’ve had this recent phenomenon, and when I say recently, I mean the last six weeks. It’s been the amount of “incoming” opportunities that are flowing into my personal solar system on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It can’t be the podcast, because that literally launched two weeks ago. It can’t be work, that drumbeat is always thumping. It […]

Makings of the 10x Total Podcast

This podcast has been a long time in the making and seemed like a natural evolution of a friendship that started off in a fairly rocky way (and not Rocky as in Balboa, I’m talking about the other rocky…).

I met Gabriel Eichler as a fellow panel member at a National Comprehensive Cancer Network program in Philadelphia, PA in early 2015. We were there talking about integrated care within various oncology treatment modalities. Gabriel, per his usual style, had a very strong command of the subject matter and I, per my usual style, was bringing up the rear with some “tech take” in my then-capacity as SVP of Innovation at Tridiuum.